Planning a Unique Couples Photo Session

January 21, 2022

There can be a lot of pressure on planning “the perfect photo session” for you and your partner. You’ve scrolled Pinterest and have some ideas but don’t know where to start. Here are a few ways to approach it so you don’t feel overwhelmed chatting with your photographer!

Incorporate your love story

The best way to get comfortable during your session and enjoy the experience is to add a piece of your unique story. Think about where you fell in love, had your first date, what your go-to dinner is and build your session around it! For example, if you and your partner frequent a park, pizza shop, or museum, have your session at those locations or with a large pizza as a prop.

Plan your outfits

Pro tip: Don’t match perfectly to one another or your location. Your colors and patterns should complement each other! If you are visiting a botanical garden, try wearing neutral colors or avoiding blending in with a green top. If you’re visiting a Pittsburgh parking garage roof (a classic location) go all-out with edgy colors and textures! The number one thing to consider when picking out your outfit is to make sure you are comfortable.

For examples of easy couple outfits for photoshoots, visit my clothing guide!

Get to know your photographer

When considering which photographer you want to hire for your couples session, you want to make sure their editing style and personality aligns with your needs/preference. In many cases, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to help the photographer get to know you and your partner a little better. This will also help them to better connect with you and enhance your session experience. Read more here to learn what you should be asking your photographer!

Put your posing worries to bed

Any good photographer can get the perfect shot if it’s presented to them. But any great photographer can create the perfect shot with posing guidance. This is another great topic to discuss during an inquiry or consultation. You can also study up using Pinterest if there are specific poses you want to recreate or ways you want to use a prop.